we aspire to

Enable &

make attractive sustainable living

by using

design & technology.

To enable sustainability & circular economy in TOMORROW'S BELGIAN DANDY'S proposal,

a separate start-up RESORTECS has been launched.


For more information about this fashion technology firm

 we invite you to take a look at the start-up page.



Tomorrow's Belgian dandies are as surreal as they are their excentric self.

Tomorrow's Belgian Dandies master affection of impertinence, as they are elegant and refined - which implies inevitably respectful and responsible.

Tomorrow's Belgian Dandies don't like commonness as it is mediocre. They fetish borders, move borders and break the rules with extreme elegance and manner.

Tomorrow's Belgian dandies are nomadic. They are consistently seeking for impulses that trigger their senses.

Tomorrow's Belgian Dandies are intellectual.

To play with rules in style you have to know  them first.

Tomorrow's Belgian Dandy-wear is genderfree. You are a dandy by attitude and lifestyle, not by gender.

Tomorrow's belgian dandies are avant-garde. They embrace change and technological innovation.

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